Get to Know the Photographer Behind the Lens I’m Abigail, probably the most eclectic person you will ever meet. If you love: conspiracy theories, Mother Nature, homesteading, absurd amounts of water bottles, good cups of coffee, boho/western esthetic, well we might just be kindred spirits! Before having my rainbowbaby, I was your typical adrenaline junky. I loved living on the edge and working dangerous jobs.

The moment I laid eyes on my beautiful baby, everything changed. I suddenly had this precious soul who needed me and honestly has me wrapped around his chunky little finger. I fell head over heels for motherhood and never looked back to my Patrol Deputy badge. 

I wanted to completely immerse myself in this gravitational world and be around other moms who felt as strongly as I did, and still do. Motherhood is sacred and powerful, not in the way of muscle but something of magic.